5 Ways to Prepare Your Property for Sale

For-Sale-SignIts spring and you want to list your property for sale. Congratulations!  

To maximize the best chance of fetching the highest value for your property, here is what you need to do.


1) Declutter

Get rid of things no longer needed. Prune stuff aggressively. Declutter the house, the yard, the garden shed and everything else that that is feasible on the property. First impressions count and buyers will be forming impressions from the street to the suite.


2) Ready the paperwork

Gather all the documentation that your have on your property, e.g. the latest property assessment notice, survey plan, charges on the property such as easement, covenant or right of way documents.

Also, it is helpful to have the well log from the last well test or well-drilling, record of septic installation and maintenance (pumping), electrical permit, and Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) test report of your wood-burning stove etc. If your house is an owner-builder home, have your registration and disclosure statement on hand.

If your buyer requires a mortgage, the above would help the lending institution in their decision-making process and ensure a smooth transaction for you.


3) Beautify

Paint it, repair it, fix it, clean it and landscape it. Ensure the property is as nice as it can be within your budget for the sale. Remember, there isn’t a shortage of properties for sale and making yours stand out in a sea of choices is the one thing a seller can do to enhance their prospect of selling.

Painting and staining is the best bang for buck. Only paint after you de-clutter.

Beautifying your property plays a necessary role when it is appraised by the lending institution for a mortgage. A property that looks poor, will be appraised poorly. This lowers the amount of money the bank is willing to loan a buyer possibly jeopardizing a sale.


4) Stage it right

If the rooms are small, consider using smaller sized furniture to make the rooms look and feel larger. If there is no budget for furniture, then declutter and empty the rooms as best as possible. Less is more.

The exterior and interior of the house should be neat and orderly. Buyers assess the risk of purchasing a property from the condition of the house and land.

Do not use strong air fresheners or scents. Buyers will wonder what odours a seller is trying to mask. Bake some fresh bread or have the smell of cookies lingering in the air instead of using chemical scents.


5) Price it right

Price it too high and buyers comparing properties will think you are unreasonable. Price it too low and you leave money on the table. My advice? Price it for sale aggressively with only small movements in negotiation as required. Once a property languishes many days on market, buyers have a way of leveraging it in their favour as the perception of the property becomes stale.


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