What’s in Horsefly? HillBilly Paragliding

Ever dream of flying? Meet Bill Goglin of HillBilly Paragliding!

HillBilly Paragliding - Horsefly, BC

HillBilly Paragliding is owned & operated by Bill Goglin of Horsefly, BC.  Bill has been a paraglider pilot since 2007 and an HPAC certified instructor and tandem pilot since 2012. He offers a steady teaching hand, a firm hold on safety, and promises you only as much fun as you are ready to have!


Tandem FlightsHillBilly Paragliding - Horsefly, BC

You fly with an HPAC certified instructor. Whether it’s a thrill ride you seek or just gliding around silently like the birds, you will enjoy these local flights from approximately 1,200 vertical feet above the valley floor and take anywhere from 7 minutes to 1 hour. No previous knowledge or experience required.

Paragliding Instruction

HillBilly Paragliding - Horsefly, BCLearn to fly solo with proper launching and landing techniques in these courses of two days or more.  All student flights are supervised and guided by an HPAC certified instructor via 2 way radios, and the equipment is provided. In the advanced courses students will receive all the training they’ll need to pass the HPAC exam and to fly legally and safely without supervision.

For more details, contact HillBilly Paragliding at:

Email: hillbillyparagliding@gmail.com
Phone: (778) 373-6108


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