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Log Houses

Log Houses and Timber Frame Homes

BC Log HouseLog houses and timber frame homes are ideal for building on country properties. The use of natural products in log houses makes a perfect blend with the property surrounding the home – ideal for waterfront, ranches & farms or residential lots.

There are many construction methods for log houses being built by professional builders. The most common is the scribe method where the logs are fit tightly together, one on top of the other. The traditional corners are called dove tail where they fit together like a puzzle, but there are many other types. Often the builders will use this portion of the building as their “trademark” where they use different lengths, carving or other interesting techniques to give the log home character.

BC TimberFrame HomeAnother type of log house being constructed is squared timbers. The log is either cut on all 4 sides for a timber frame look, or cut on two sides, leaving a rounded portion inside and out. There is insulation applied between the logs, then high tech chinking is applied making a beautiful finish. These homes are typically a little less expensive than conventional log houses.

Interior and exterior finishing of the walls of log houses is simple – just a little preservative or stain is applied. Finishing the inside rooms can be a little challenging as you are not working with a square wall, but the decorating possibilities are endless. Openings for windows and doors in log houses must be cut a little more that usual to allow for shrinking of the logs. Log houses are typically warm in the winter and cool in the summer as the thick log walls provide very good insulation.

Timber frame homes have many things in common with log houses, offering a natural look and wonderful open spaces. The timber joints that make up the homes become focal points presented like a work of art. Between the logs are smooth walls of any texture desired so interior finishing is a little more conventional.

The interiors and entrances of log houses and timber frame homes often have logs carved like birds or animals, seeming to greet your guests. There has been extensive us of logs with the roots still attached, peeled, varnished and built into central areas for an interesting look. Railings are often thin peeled and varnished poles used on balconies, staircases and porches that make an authentic finishing touch.

The floors of log houses and timber frame homes blend in with the construction perfectly when they constructed from wood. From wide planks to the finest oak flooring, wood is a great compliment to the log walls. Many homes are built with tile floors (optional in floor heating) and this natural look also goes very well with the logs.

Cariboo Log HomeAll conventional roofing products can be applied to log houses or timber frame homes. High end homes boast copper roofs, the use of tile, metal, asphalt shingle or cedar shakes is more common. Doors are usually wood or metal painted natural colours, and can lend a lot of aesthetic value to the building.

There are many qualified builders of log houses and timber frame homes. Look to the yellow pages or internet and speak to a professional builder who usually have home plans available.

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