A Wonderful Rainy Day

In Horsefly we had rain, a good part of the night and this morning.  This really is a wonderful thing because the plants need water before they freeze in for the winter.  So be happy, enjoy the rain!

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There are 2 kinds of people in this world

Ones that live in the Beaver Valley and ones that wish the lived in the Beaver Valley.  That is an old saying around the valley.

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A full woodshed = a happy family in the country

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Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s hoping the root cellar and wood shed are full!  Enjoy the wonderful autumn weather and have a great long weekend.

Are those cats on the fence?

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Second day on the job………

Fixed a couple of spelling errors in the site today and have a joke for you:

What is the best way to stop a runaway horse?  Bet on it………….


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No longer a social media dinosaur!

Haying in Horsefly

The harvest is in

Unfortunately (maybe) for you,  Linda Bartsch has learned to post, use facebook, twitter, etc.

Just received a lesson from my good friend and computer mentor, Michael, how do do all this stuff.  My goal is to post something new every week.  This is the first attempt.

Thanks for being interested in Horsefly Realty.   More later.



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