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Info Selling and Moving a Manufactured Home

Rules for selling and moving a manufactured home

Experienced real estate practitioners know that a manufactured home must not be sold, offered for sale or moved unless it has been registered in the Manufactured Home Registry.

Section 21 of BC’s Electrical Safety Regulation (under the Safety Standards Act) requires all new equipment—including manufactured homes—to display an approval mark before being offered for sale. Used manufactured homes (and other equipment) must display a label provided by the appropriate provincial safety manager. In BC, that’s known as the silver label, indicating approval by the BC Safety Authority (BCSA).

Even the most experienced professional can benefit from a tip now and then, so here’s some basic information about working with manufactured homes.

Approval Marks for New Manufactured Homes
New manufactured homes must conform to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) testing and certification standards and are required to show evidence to that effect. If the approval mark is missing, the owner or seller must apply to CSA for special acceptance and labelling.

Approval Marks for Used Manufactured Homes
If a used manufactured home does not bear an approved label, then one must be acquired before the home can be offered for sale. Alternate documentation, indicating that the unit was originally approved, cannot be accepted in place of an approval label. However, if original documentation exists, and there have been no unpermitted modifications to the unit, then an approval label may be applied by a Safety Officer.

The following is the procedure licensed electrical contractors must follow for BCSA approval for a used manufactured home:

  • Obtain an installation permit.
  • Complete the Used Mobile Home Inspection Report Form; submit this form if requested by a Safety Officer.
  • Check any additional wiring added without permit, and check any structural additions made to the manufactured home for additional wiring. These additional checks are to be noted on the declaration form.
  • Complete any repairs required and note on the declaration form.
  • Submit an Electrical Contractor Authorization and Declaration Form, confirming that the installation complies with BCSA’s Directive No:D-E3 080606 1, and add any notes required by that directive.

Upon acceptance, the BC Safety Authority label will be applied to the electrical panel cover of the manufactured home.

Clearly, this process can take time, which may inconvenience a seller. Therefore, as a first order of business, licensees acting on behalf of sellers may consider advising their clients to order an electrical inspection immediately.

For more information about approval of manufactured homes, see BCSA’s Directive No:D-E3 080606 1.

Manufactured Homes Without Electrical Installation
The inspection and labelling requirements described above do not apply to manufactured homes that have had the electrical installation removed or rendered permanently inoperable.

Moving Manufactured Homes
A transport permit must be obtained from the registrar of the Manufactured Home Registry before moving the manufactured home.

Abandoned Manufactured Homes
If a manufactured home is abandoned on a rental property, the landlord can apply to the registrar of the Manufactured Home Registry for a transport permit to move the manufactured home. Specific guidance for these circumstances, including instructions for disposing of personal property, is provided by section 15 of the Manufactured Home Act and Part 6 of the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Regulation.

For manufactured homes built after May 15, 1992, the owner must provide written disclosure to a prospective buyer as to whether the manufactured home complies with currently applicable standards. Otherwise, the owner must provide written disclosure to a prospective buyer that the manufactured home was built on or before May 15, 1992.

Thank you to Brian Taylor from Bull Housser Tupper for reviewing this article.


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